Successful Data Driven

When we talk about data, we do not talk more on than what is possible to know, rather than what you can do with information what you  know.

The Harvard Business Review says” that today most of the companies is not able to recognize the value that the analysis of the data can bring; but, since here there are in the game customer relationships, companies will have to get busy in a hurry to address this issue. Almost everyone “now” have realized and understood the importance for a company to be data driven, but the difficulty is to know what to do to become a successful data driver company.
There are two aspects to consider:

  • technology – in the market there are several solutions that help companies to provide benefits, applications that allow you to analyze real-time data to be reactive and, more important  even proactive;
  •  cultural approach – that it’s even a key aspect.

Our experience tells us that now the potential offered by analytics to give value to the customer are still underutilized. Obtain good value from analytics is an ongoing process, which will lead companies to produce good results, like the the big players in the digital space eBay, Amazon, Uber, AIRB & B, etc.

Which are the points of reference the market (others are currently followers). But even here it is a cultural change that it’s key.


More than an overall strategy, I see a set of strategies, that should still be refined, with the basic elements  the so-called “fundamentals” – which are certainly understood , but then implemented taking an experimental approach  that provide benefits when will ripe.

To implement these trials or proof of value in more fast and effective way it is necessary to have fast Analytics solutions to deploy, customize and  extend.  Especially they are available not just on a single platform, but on an ecosystem of platforms.

Today there isn’t a technology that to cover all the needs, so it is important to have an environment – or rather an ecosystem – Integrated, a capable solution to integrate different technologies capable of providing data for Analytics.

I really support  the concept of “data gravity”, for which the data must be on the platform on which they are born: facilitate the integration of data without the need to move and replicate.gloves-700

In summary – it is not in fact enough to have the enabling technology, but it is essential that the different divisions within a company – finance, marketing, sales, operation – have a culture of data that will enable them to use the information coming from various systems technology to turn them into business actions.




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